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Poli Glow

Why Poli Glow? Isn’t wax good enough for the fiberglass surfaces on my 5th Wheel, Motorhome or Boat? Well…, no. This is why: Once the protective gel coating wears off, fiberglass tends to absorb pretty much everything that runs across it (mold, mildew, rust, black water, dust and dirt) . But the good news is, with Poli Glow’s specifically formulated and selected line of products you will be able to remove all the contaminates and restore the surface to a fresh brilliant shine.

Poli Glow has UV inhibitors and dries to a hard glossy finish within minutes. When applied correctly Poli Glow is guaranteed to last twelve months or longer. Poli Glow will not wash off with soap and water. There is no rubbing or buffing so application is easy. Initially; once the surface has been completely cleaned of all contaminates, it is recommended five to seven coats be applied. The first four will sink into the fiberglass locking fiberglass off from further absorption of contaminates. The several coats you apply after that, 5, 6, 7 or more, will create that brilliant shine.

Maintenance: Dirt and grime will not stick to Poli Glow. After Poli Glow is applied, only a mild soap and soft brush is needed to keep fiberglass clean and brilliant. After twelve months, simply wipe on two more coats to refresh the surface for another twelve months…. It simply does not get better than that!

Make Old Fiberglass Shine Like New!
Never Wax again!


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  • Applicator


    7" Applicator for both Poli Glow and Permanon aplication.


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  • Applicator Mitt

    Applicator Mitt

    I have experimented with quite a few mitts... This is the one that works the best for even application of both PoliGlow and Permanon. You use this mitt and your job will turn out great... ALL mine do.


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  • LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner

    LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner

    LA's Totally Awesome All-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner Refill, 32 oz.


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  • Poli Glow 32oz

    Poli Glow 32oz

    PoliGlow is a proven concept in Fiberglass RV and Boat resurfacing. PoliGlow is NOT a wax, It absorbs into the fiberglass locking out the elements, stains and dirt.


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  • Poli Glow Starter Kit

    Poli Glow Starter Kit

    This complete Fiberglass RV and Boat kit includes enough products for up to a 32' boat or a 28' RV.


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  • Poli Glow with Applicator Mitt

    Poli Glow with Applicator Mitt

    This starter kit includes a 32oz bottle of poly glow as well as the applicator mitt to apply it.


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  • Poli Ox

    Poli Ox

    Poli Ox will remove heavy oxidation from dark faded fiberglass, brown water stains & black streaks, and removes rust from metal & fiberglass.


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  • Poli Strip

    Poli Strip

    Removes Poli Glow protective boat finishes, this heavy duty gel stripper can remove Poli Glow from 20' boats.


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